The Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies was honoured to host, Scientific and Academic Knowledge, the biannual University-Based Institutes for Advanced Study (UBIAS) conference, on September 17-19, 2013 at the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies at The University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. This conference is an initiative by the UBIAS network to strengthen relationships among member institutes and spread knowledge globally. Scholars at different stages of their careers, from the humanities and sciences, had the opportunity to share ideas among themselves, graduate students, and the public over the course of the three days.
During the conference, two public events showcased the important relationship of both the performing arts and the visual arts with research in the sciences and humanities within institutes of advanced studies.  Further information about these events is available under the public events tab.

**Thank you for attending the UBIAS Conference - we hope you enjoyed the opportunities for interdisciplinary intellectual discourse and social networking with scholars from UBIAS Institutes around the world.

NEW Links
Photos from UBIAS conference sessions and arts-based events available here.
Audio podcasts of selected conference sessions available here.

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